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We are small business owners. Throughout the day, we do our bread and butter projects, loving our family, friends, and wearing fine dresses. That is all about us.

We spent a lot of time and money finding quality clothes, choosing colors, and the latest designs. Then we have to struggle to find the best tailor for perfect stitching. Shopping from top clothing brands, we face many problems too. There are no customer reviews available on their websites and social media pages. They are running their business without authenticity. No refunds, if fabric quality or the stitching is not up to the mark. They take too much for their low-quality dresses. Further, they are charging customers for their additional costs of commercial outlets, top models, TVCs, printings, and brandings, etc. Their dress fittings and stitching standards are messy as well.

To sort out this problem of graceful fabric, fine stitching, and trendy designs at affordable rates, we invested our time and brain to find the solution. The ecosystem for wearing Pakistani Kameez Shalwar and Kurta for all seasons, we eliminated the additional costs of top clothing brands. It resulted in wearing quality fabric with perfect stitching and beautiful designs at reasonable prices. Initially, we made dresses for ourselves. When our friends and family members started talking this mantra “It suits you” then, we start making dresses for them as well. Our clothing start-up is rising like that.


Mudassar  –  Farrukh  –  Irfan  –  Sajid

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