Shop our collection of men’s waistcoats and waskets online & pair it with Kameez Shalwar and Kurta. Whether you’re searching for something to layer or need something stylish, we’ve got you covered. Shop our stylish and fabric choice waistcoat.

Dress Designz is replete with a superfluous collection of Waistcoat jackets that you can easily team up with your ethnic wear like Kameez Shalwar and Kurta. The waistcoat traces its beginnings from being an achkan, a knee-length, closed-collar coat, to its more functional, hip-length alternative that we now call the Waistcoat jacket.

The waistcoat style has, therefore, garnered immense attention for its versatility in adding a formal yet contemporary feel to men’s wear. Elegantly garnish your Kurta and Kameez Shalwar with a waistcoat jacket, and you’re all set for a formal event. It’s a pleasant getaway from wearing the regular wasket jacket to add a formal touch to your attire. Wear it right and enthuse yourself with a veritable selection of waistcoats for all occasions. Let your wardrobe never feel the dearth of these elegant pair-ones that add charm, grace, and poise to your regular Kameez Shalwar and Kurta Pajama.