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quality fabrics

Quality Fabrics…

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Eye-catching Blended

This fine blended fabric gives the perfect finish and can be tailored in any style. It has class, soft finish, and grace and can be styled easily into Kameez Shalwar.

Beautiful Cotton

The cotton is naturally breathable fabric. In hot weather, it’s a great option for keeping your body cool.  This is all-season fabric and be styled into outfit like Kurta Pajama 

Premium Kamalia Khaddar

This is a soft and breathable sooti khaddar woven on traditional looms in Kamalia City. The Fabric is pure and soft  which provides comforts to sensitive skin.

Exclusive BOSKI Silk

The creamy BOSKI silk fabric is more suited for luxury wearing. It is lighter, crisper and more body-friendly than other normal silk fabrics.  People love to wear special occasions like a party or a wedding,

Fabrics for Your Daily Wear

Bringing you an incredible range of fashion fabrics with a focus on natural fibers. We guarantee we will not be beaten on prices, quality, and services. As committed to improving lifestyle quality, we are offering an excellent quality-price ratio.

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High Quality Fabric

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Happy Customers

” I love to buy goods espcially cloth but lots i got disappintment but one of my friend suggested and after that it was a rich experience. so i highly recommended ❤

- Umar farooq

“I received my order yesterday & i’m pleased to find novelty with a touch of class and sophistication here. Thanks Dress Designz.”

- Mian Abdul Rauf

میں نے کپڑوں کا آرڈر کیا تھا آن لائن جو کہ پہنچ چکا ہے۔ انتہائی دیدہ زیب لباس ہے، معیار بھی عمدہ ہے!!.

- Sajid Hafeez

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Quality fabrics

Quality Fabrics – It Suits You!

Dress Designz is the Men’s clothing brand in Pakistan. It is one of the fastest-growing and reliable online shopping hubs. Dress Designz providing superior quality men’s formal, semi-formal and ethnic wear at affordable prices in Pakistan. Refresh your wardrobe with latest trends from our latest Ready to wear collection of Kameez Shalwar and Kurta Pajama. Discover the unstitched fabrics from Cotton to Blended, Silk BOSKI and Kamalia Khaddar.

We bring a premium stitching of traditional menswear. Our brand is the perfect unification of thorough craftsmanship and premium fabrics. Explore our Stitched and Unstitched Categories and pick your favorites color and style. Dress Designz made-to-measure suits and clothes are easy to be worn and presented a remarkable look at your friends and family.

At Dress Designz we deal with all types of men’s clothes of formal dress suits, shirts, pants, eastern wear kameez shalwar, kurta pajama, and waistcoat for men. You can purchase special Dress Designz’s stylish and classy formal dress wear collection from our online store. Our online shopping store deals all over Pakistan. Visit our website daily for online shopping in Pakistan.  We are committed to providing top quality fabrics and complete satisfaction to our valued customers.