Kamalia Khaddar

Kamalia Khaddar Fabric

This is one of our special offerings as it is one of the summer essentials and most sought by men. We have a very versatile collection of khaddar for men in Pakistan for making your summer cool. There are types in khaddar, and Dress Designz is providing the premium quality fabric in both Karandi khaddar and Kamalia khaddar as they both are very promising fibers and very recommended for men for summer clothing.

The Kamalia Khaddar Fabric is a warm and human-skin-friendly fabric. It’s perfect during these chilly winds of the winter season. Khadi or khaddar is handspun, hand-woven natural fiber cloth from Pakistan. mainly made out of cotton. The cloth is usually woven from cotton and may also include silk, or wool, which are all spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha Khadi.