Cotton Lawn Fabric Properties

Cotton is a natural fiber that comes from the seedpod of the cotton plant. A sheer textile with a fine, high thread count, Cotton Lawn Fabric has a uniquely smooth, untextured surface, and crisp finish. Cotton Lawn is a lightweight, breathable fabric with a smooth texture. This fabric is perfect for lightweight tops, dresses, and skirts that are perfect for spring and summer. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, you might want to consider adding a lining to your garment.  Dress Designz – It suits you offer one of the finest quality dresses.

Introduction of Cotton Lawn Fabric Properties

Nowadays Lawn is a very familiar term to us. Many of us prefer lawn fabric though it is so comfortable to wear containing great drapability. Mostly nowadays it is renowned for ladies’ wear.

Cotton Lawn

The lawn is a term that is derived from the word ‘LAON’ which is a city of France. The lawn is a plain weave fabric. The lawn was originally manufactured from linen. But nowadays it is made from combed/blended (cotton+polyester) cotton.

Structure of Lawn

Generally, Lawn is made from high count yarn. 60’s to upper counted yarn is mostly used for the manufacturing of lawn fabric. Fabric construction of Lawn can be expressed as follows-

Warp count: 70
Weft count: 100
Ends per inch (EPI): 80
Picks per inch (PPI): 80

Characteristic Description of Lawn

The lawn is a lightweight plain weaved fabric.

It is generally opaque and sheer cloth.

It is a fabric of characteristics in between voile and organdy. It is crisper than voile and less crisp than organdy.

It is well-known for its semi-transparency characteristics.

Classification of Lawn

Lawn can be of:

White ( bleached)



Uses of Lawn Fabric

Lawn fabric is used in the following sector:

Dresses, Blouses, Underwear, Nightwear, Shirting, Collar, Cuff, Lingerie, Babywear, Handkerchiefs, etc.

Some of our cotton fabrics use organic cotton, such as our Cloud 9 fabrics, and some of the cottons is unbleached meaning that no chemicals have been used.

Medium-Weight Cotton

Medium-Weight Cotton is plain-woven and characteristically heavier than cotton lawns making them perfect for sewing structured shirts, tops, and shift dresses.

Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton is used by Art Gallery Fabrics, this fabric uses a luxury fine cotton resulting in lighter weight fabric.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton Lawn is a plain weave textile made from cotton. It is designed using high thread count yarns which results in it’s silky and untextured feel. It is a lightweight fabric and it can be slightly transparent. It is perfect for sewing dresses, skirts, trousers, and tops for the warmer weather.

Cotton Poplin

Cotton Poplin is a strong medium weight plain weave fabric. Some poplins have a visible crosswise rib effect because the warp threads are finer and more closely set than the weft threads. Those poplins that don’t have the crosswise rib effect use the same threads throughout the fabric construction. Poplin differs from the cotton lawn because the cotton lawn is made from finer threads.

Cotton Batiste

Cotton Batiste is made from a straight weave, it is very lightweight and often has a good drape.

Combed (Brushed) Cotton

Combed (Brushed) Cotton is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into yarn resulting in a brushed feel. It is very soft against the skin.

Cotton Percale

Cotton Percale is a plain weave fabric where the threads are tightly woven resulting in a fine texture. It is heavier in weight to poplin and cotton lawn. It is good for sewing a structured skirt or dress.

Cotton Dobby

Cotton Dobby is woven especially on a Dobby Loom to create a textured effect in the finished cloth.

Cotton Voile

Cotton Voile is a smooth fabric and is lightweight. It does not tend to drape as well as cotton batiste and has a similar feel to that of a cotton lawn.

Cotton Crepe

Cotton Crepe is lightweight and has a textured crinkled finish. It is woven with yarn that is slightly twisted in the weft, warp, or both. It is a soft fabric that is often slightly sheer. Once washed it will take on a lightly crinkled appearance.

Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise is open embroidery that is normally on fine white cotton.

Ikat fabric

Ikat fabric is made by tie-dying either the warp or weft threads (or sometimes both) before weaving.


Seersucker is woven in a way so that some threads bunch together which gives it a well-known puckered look that is commonly striped or checkered and is a popular fabric for sewing clothes for Spring and Summer.

Stretch Cottons

Stretch Cottons are a medium-weight woven fabric and combine the breathability of cotton with the elasticity of elastane. You may also find stretch cotton twills, these fabrics have been woven to produce a fine diagonal or parallel ribbed pattern. This type of fabric is ideal for sewing trousers and dresses in a fitted bodice.

Cotton Sateens

Cotton Sateens are woven using a satin weave which results in a slight sheen.

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